Support Tools for Parents with Children

Tools for Parents

Support Tools for Parents with Children

We understand that parents are dealing with school closures and childcare challenges while juggling work responsibilities and deliverables. Full-time parenting plus full-time working all at the same time can be difficult so we have compiled a list of ideas and tips that have been crowdsourced from different places to help you keep yourself and them engaged! Here are some tips and Tools for Parents to help navigate these tuff times.

We will continue to update this document with additional resources as we get them!

General Tips:

  • If you have a partner, try organizing work/childcare shifts between the two of you in ~2hr periods of time
  • Try to select opposite times of day for each of you to have meetings (if possible)
  • Potentially think about more fundamental shifts to your schedule ex. one person gets up early, one goes to bed late
  • Try to accomplish project work during these off-hours when you are less likely to be disrupted

Working with Babies:

  • Make use of nap times — try to schedule calls & meetings during nap times
    • Dedicate the nap time to focus on initiatives/projects that need to get done
    • Take time for self-care, perhaps a 10-minute meditation or breathing exercise, or a 45minutes yoga class check out this Lululemon class
  • Try holding your baby in a baby carrier/sling while standing/working

Working with Toddlers:

  • Kids have high energy, try to get them outside for a walk (respecting distances of course), ride their bikes or scooters, play catch, etc.
  • Cosmic kids yoga — yoga for kids
  • Indoor activities for kids — 40 activities for children
  • Entertaining kids — a large list of activities/resources/ideas

Working with 7-10-Year-Olds:


Tweens & Teens:

  • Numerade — FREE STEM & Test Prep short-form video education platform

Resources & Support:

  • Here is a link to a crowd-sourced document that provides even more tools & resources for parents! Check it out
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