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24/7 Personal Phone Support


24/7 Access to Personal Support via a support number for your organization.



Our support center will support your staff any-time of day for issues affecting your application. Downtime isn’t restricted to hours of operation they occur without the courtesy of a warning. We understand that bugs, glitches, and other technical errors occur at any moment, which is why our 24/7 support center monitoring is truly 24/7. It doesn’t matter when issues occur, our proactive system logs incidents even after hours and we have someone watching the queue and ready to answer the phone and respond appropriately.

At Elley, we see a 24/7 support center as the first place for recording customer issues and problems after the normal workday.  The support center should not only try to resolve these issues in cases that it can, but they are also responsible for keeping track of all complaints, their type, and the recurrence level; further, they escalate summary of issues and product shortcomings to the development and support team. Thus, the support center acts as the main source of supplying feedback to the development team, which by acting on such reports, can update and improve the products they serve.

Besides recording issues, the support center also performs tasks of issue management to resolution thus providing a summary of events for each issue incurred after hours. By utilizing various procedures such as complaint ticketing or tagging system, they effectively manage and direct complaints to their desired resolution centers. This provides clarity, prevents confusion, and also reduces the time required to get to the solution to the problem. All these factors increase operational time and efficiency and result in higher productivity.