How To Access Your Voicemail Box


How To Access Your Voicemail Box Pressing the “Message” Icon (may be represented by the word “voicemail” or an envelope symbol. Dial the voicemail number *97 and press send. Dial *98 send to check voicemail from a different phone. Insert mailbox number and password. *Once inside the voicemail, press 1 to listen to messages, or press 3 to go to … Read More

Why don’t cell phone users see the right Caller ID when I call them?

Problem When a I make a call out from my Virtual Office extension to a cell phone user, the receiver does not see the caller ID settings as I configured them in Account Manager. For example, a user sets their outbound information as Tom Smith calling from 4048675309 in Sandy Springs, GA. When Tom calls a cell phone user, the receiver’s cell phone reads only … Read More

Why do I not hear a ring-back tone when calling out?

Problem When you make a call, no ringback tone is audible before the receiving party answers the call. Cause Your extension may be offline (if the other party does not answer). In other cases, this may indicate a possible carrier issue with Elley Communications. Resolution To confirm your extension is online, try placing test calls from the affected extension to Your voicemail … Read More

How can I prevent my phone from receiving ghost calls?

Symptom Your phone receives calls that exhibit at least two of the following symptoms: Display random caller ID numbers (especially 100 or 1000), weird names, or nothing. Dead air (and possibly continuing to ring) when answered. Device doesn’t stop ringing, and fails to go to voicemail.   Cause Ghost calls, or SIPVicious attacks, are port scans done on SIP ports for … Read More

My calls are going directly to voicemail?

Problem When I receive a call, the call goes directly to voicemail and my phone does not ring. Cause Your phone is  set to Do Not Disturb (DND) Call forwarding issues (conflicting call forwarding rules, automatic forwarding to voicemail set) on the phone. Internet outage issues (local or network). Troubleshooting Checklist Ensure that Do Not Disturb (DND) is not set on phone. (Consult manufacturer’s documentation.) Check call forwarding … Read More