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Let The Elley Team Create Your Custom IT Solution

No boxes, pushy sales or treating you like a number.

Tech Made Easy!

Technology can be confusing.  At Elley, we don’t talk over your head and complicate things further.  We bridge the gap between technology and our clients so they understand how we can help.

Solution Oriented!

We’re not selling boxes or services you don’t need.  We’ll provide a quote and a meeting to go over the quote so you know exactly why we recommend certain solutions.

Get Stuff Done!

We believe in getting things done!  Talk is cheap.  We listen to your problem, develop a solution and implement that solution with support the entire way!

Our Skills & Expertise

Information Technology has become a necessity in all business.  There’s simply no way around it!  We have formed a team of professionals that bring skills from all areas to complement each other.  Individually, we each have our strengths and weaknesses, but together we are strong.  Through diversity and experience, together we work to develop solutions for you and your business.

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Co-Founder of Elley. He was around when it all started out of a living room.


A Moon Child who keeps us all in line. Making sure we grow properly and under control.

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