5 Effects of Cloud On Todays Technology

Effects of Cloud

5 Effects of Cloud On Todays Technology

Ever wondered how Cloud has changed the lives of many people? How it aided customers into finally getting what they need, the developers in creating the perfect software for their clients and lastly how Cloud has affected technology. We’ve rounded up some of the summaries of the top effects of Cloud on technology:

Accessibility For Educational Purposes.

Education has always been a necessity for every country and community. The traditional requirements for access to education included cash for tuition fee, a classroom as a venue, and books as a resource material. With cloud computing, all you need is a laptop and network connection to access education. Online classes and lectures are conducted through a network via conference calls which serve as the venue and resources are uploaded as documents and presentation materials which can be accessed by students anytime as long as they are connected to the network. Cloud has brought education closer to the students who are passionate about learning new things in their respective fields. Most importantly, with the quality of education being accessible, it has also become more affordable for the masses.

Flexibility for Business Enterprise’ Solutions

Cloud is probably one of the most considered technologies for business enterprises, whether they are big or small business. With Cloud, hardware for server storage is no longer required because small business enterprises can store data through the Cloud. Software needed by selected employees in an organization no longer meant that it would need to be installed in each employee’s computer – it only required access to the Cloud where software is stored. For big business enterprises that require multiple software to be used by different groups in the company, costs were saved because for software used only by selected employees, and they were not installed individually in the server but instead in the Cloud. Lastly, these enterprises’ can now demand customization of the software they need for their business.

Increased Demand for Security Technology

Security is the biggest concern of people and organizations using the Cloud. With the resources and information stored in the Cloud, it has become both an asset and a liability that needs to be secured and protected at all times. This has become an opportunity for security technologies to rise at an unprecedented level. Most security technology companies employ different methods specifically targeted to protect data, which even provides cloud users more option that is in accordance with what they are willing to spend.

New Market in Software Development

The emergence of Cloud paved the way for many developers who want to create customer-detailed software and services. Tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have invested in their cloud platform with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud respectively to cater users who are using cloud-based applications. For most software developers who have been working on their cloud platform, this led to specialization by the developers and professionals. Some cloud platforms, such as AWS and Azure, have created certifications to identify expertise by the developers.

Productivity and Efficiency In Organization

The best benefit that customers with Cloud are its aiding in productivity for collaborative projects. Because of better accessibility and volume, tasks are smoothly completed. For existing non-cloud based projects that have been slowly transitioned to Cloud, projects had a significant improvement in the efficiency. In a macro level – employees can finish tasks without tedious requirements of setting up a meeting or meeting a requirement. From a business perspective, higher productivity and better efficiency mean that the team is on the right path into success.

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