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September 2019

update your website

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to your online presence is failing to keep your website updated. There are many reasons why small business owners do not keep their website up-to-date. For most, the whole process is time-consuming and confusing. Here are 5 reasons why updating your website is critical. 1. Responsive & Mobile Friendly Over the years, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)...

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SES, simple email service is one of the many services provided by Amazons AWS. It is exactly as advertised a simple email system that one can use to relay mail through. You can't set up an email box so there is no receiving mail with SES. It is used in a lot of different situations, one that we often find it used for is sending...

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  On Monday, Apple released iOS 12.2 to patch a total of 51 security vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system that affects iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and then, and iPod touch 6th generation.   Most of the vulnerabilities Apple patched this month reside in its web rendering engine WebKit, which is used by many apps and web browsers running on Apple's operating system.   According to the advisory,...

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Effects of Cloud

Ever wondered how Cloud has changed the lives of many people? How it aided customers into finally getting what they need, the developers in creating the perfect software for their clients and lastly how Cloud has affected technology. We’ve rounded up some of the summaries of the top effects of Cloud on technology: Accessibility For Educational Purposes. Education has always been a necessity for every country and...

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